Capoeira Mocambo

Capoeira Mocambo is commited to the teaching and development of traditional Capoeira in North Wales.

We also provide performances encompassing a fusion of art forms and facilitate access to the contemporary artforms which capoeira continues to influence.

Centro Cultural de Capoeira Mocambo is affiliated with “Associaςão de Capoeira Senzala Santos”, the school of widely respected Grand Master, Mestre Sombra in Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil.

It was formally established at the beginning of 2010, following 2 years of outreach work by Monitor Colin Daimond, the activities of Bangor University Capoeira Society and regular adult classes underwritten by Community Dance Organisation “Dawns i Bawb”.

Capoeira is Brazilian Art form which combines Dance, Music, Martial Arts and theatrical game play.

It was developed from African Traditions by Africans rebelling against their slavery in Brazil.  It shares a common social history and cultural context with the more widely known Afro-Brazilian art form “Samba”.

Capoeira is a game of playfulness and physical dialogue that takes place between two “Capoeirstas” in the centre of a circle (called the “Roda”). The two players try to out do each other with acrobatics and by attempting to disrupt the natural flow of the others movements.

The Capoeiristas around the circle provide the music – setting the tempo and style of game that is to be played. Capoeira is uniquely social, all inclusive and every game of Capoeira is unique and improvised.

Over the past 30 years Capoeira has experienced a meteoric rise to international popularity from its origins as a marginalised and illegal Afro Brazilian cultural past time. Capoeira movement has a broad influence on Contemporary Dance, Street/Break Dance and the sport of choreographed martial arts called “Tricking”.